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SewHope Cytotechnology School and Laboratory

Join Us in the Fight Against Cervical Cancer in Guatemala


SewHope, recognized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Health as a leader in Cervical Cancer Prevention in Guatemala, has been on a mission to end cervical cancer in Guatemala since 2007. Cervical cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer death among young women in Guatemala, with thousands dying from the disease each year. 

In late 2023, we will open the SewHope Cytotechnology School and Lab, which will offer an accredited cytotechnology program to students from throughout Central America. The school, which will be the only one in the northern half of Guatemala, will train cytologists on state-of-the art microscopes, and classes will be taught by experts in the field from Central America and the United States. Can you help us purchase necessary supplies such as sinks, tables, chairs and microscopes?

The lab will be equipped with the latest technology for cervical cancer screening and diagnosis, allowing us to provide accurate and timely results to patients who travel for hours to reach us. We will also offer training and support to healthcare professionals in Guatemala, so that they can improve their skills and knowledge in cervical cancer prevention and treatment. 

Premature deaths can be prevented with early detection and timely treatment. SewHope currently provides comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and treatment services at our clinic in Peten, and on jornadas held throughout northern Guatemala. Our Guatemalan nursing staff, physicians and volunteers will screen over 5,000 women in 2023, and we plan to double that number and see 10,000 women in 2024.

We need your help to train more healthcare professionals to fight this deadly disease. You can help us further our mission of eliminating cervical cancer in Guatemala. 

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