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The mission of The Nanny Loft and The Nanny Loft Foundation is to provide high-quality child care to all families regardless of economic means. We aim to ensure that each family is matched with a babysitter or nanny that they feel confident is the best fit to help their child develop. We do this through personnel of paid employees, including our babysitters, nannies, and interns, and providing legal and fair livable wages. We don’t believe in being dependent on a volunteer model as we focus on retention for children from underserved populations (foster care, medical needs, and special needs). Our philosophy has helped with employee retention, which is a vital need when working with children and families. Trust takes time and needs to be built, which is the foundation of the Consistent Sitter program for which we are raising money for. The Consistent Sitter program will allow us to effectively match our nannies and babysitters with families based on similar backgrounds, interest areas, passions, and the diverse skill sets of our staff. A successful fundraising event would have a tremendous ripple effect on our scalable impact. The money allocated to hiring a full-time recruiter will allow us to see exponential growth in our staff size which will increase revenue based on the number of families that we will secure as clients throughout the region.



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