Charlie Zelman's Mitzvah Project

For my Mitzvah project, I wanted to incorporate my passion for basketball and my connectivity with Israel. 

I love to play basketball, and so do many other people around the world. Unfortunately, some adults and children can’t play basketball or another sport because of a disability or a permanent injury.   I think that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of the game regardless of any disability.

I found the Israel ParaSport Center which raises money to buy sports wheelchairs, in addition to providing physical and holistic therapy to those in need. They also have competitive teams and even send athletes to the Paralympics. When I saw this I knew I wanted this to be my Mitzvah project.

I chose the Center based on its inclusive mission of providing all individuals an opportunity to play sports.  I am passionate about my goal of raising $3,600 for a sports wheelchair so that anyone can enjoy the sport just like I do. In addition, my family and I will also donate basketballs to the Center when we visit Israel and I get the chance to volunteer and play basketball with the athletes at the Center.  

I want to enable people of all ages with disabilities or permanent injuries to play basketball or other sports. Please make a donation to help me raise money for the Israel ParaSport Center. 

Thank you, Charlie


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Name Anonymous
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Amount $100.00
Date 07/06/23
Name Marla Gertner
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Amount $108.00
Date 05/31/23
Message A cause close to my heart.
Name Heidi Lackowitz
Activity Type Donation, Mailing list
Amount $36.00
Date 05/29/23
Name Elad Ryba
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Amount $150.00
Date 05/29/23
Message Mazal Tov Charlie. Great bar mitzvah last night. Ronite & Elad Ryba.
Name Salo Aizenberg
Activity Type Donation
Amount $100.00
Date 05/28/23
Message Mazal Tov Charlie

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