3D Printing Academy for Girls (Geek Squad Academy)

One day of imagination and creation = Inspiration for a future career. This summer, girls ages 11-14 can get invaluable hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities at the 3D Printing Academy for Girls. It’s 3D printing…and so much more!

So what will girls do during their day at the Academy? Training and exploration will be available at the following stations. Girls can stick with one station if they have a keen interest in the topic, or rotate:

3D Printing and Design

Students will learn new computer aided design (CAD) skills by exploring the tools inside SketchUp to design their own three-dimensional models and other creations that can be made with a 3D printer.

Programming and Robotics

Students will learn the basic foundation for computer programming using some of the most current technologies, incorporating with robotics, teamwork and critical thinking concepts.

Film Production and Editing

Students will learn how to go from story to screen. Students will dig in and “break down a script,” helping to make choices on characters, locations and design to tell a story. Students are the actors, directors and producers in a masterpiece of their own creation.

So why are we excited to host this event? We believe:

  • Girls who make, design and create things with electronic tools, like 3D Printers, develop stronger interest and skills in computer science and engineering.
  • Girls push boundaries, test limits, and look at the world around them with inquisitive eyes. They are natural scientists!
  • The creative nature of making provides an avenue for people, especially girls, to engage in scientific and engineering problems that have a personal meaning for them.

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