Rev. Dr. Michael E. Haynes 25th Anniversary

Haynes ECC Celebrates 25 Years of Dedication and Commitment

The Haynes Early Education Center is preparing to celebrate a significant milestone in its history with the upcoming 25th-anniversary gala. This event is important for the school community, symbolizing many years of enduring dedication and accomplishments.

Beyond being a celebratory occasion, the gala also serves as a crucial fundraising means supporting the growth and prosperity of the school and the wider community. The Haynes Early Education Center aims to set a high standard for early childhood education, and the proceeds from the gala will play a vital role in achieving this vision.

The funds raised from the event will be utilized to enhance the educational experience for the students. This includes developing extracurricular activities, establishing 21st-century classrooms with modern learning resources, and providing scholars with a comprehensive and seamless care program.

With the community's support and the gala's success, the Haynes Early Education Center can continue to be a benchmark for early childhood education, empowering children and preparing them for a bright future.

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