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About CIAO!

CIAO! is a three-week program on the built environment from a sustainability perspective.  One week in Rome exploring art, landscape, architecture, engineering and planning. Sustaining nearly 3 millennia, Rome is the perfect living laboratory. Two weeks at the Center for Sustainable Urbanism in Sant'Angelo in Pontano where students work on a building design project. Their results, requiring aspects of sustainability, are then presented to the mayor and community. 

About the Scholarship Fund

As a 501C3 education non-profit, donations to the Fund are tax deductible and create an opportunity for financially challenged future architects, engineers, sustainability consultants, and planners to participate in what is, for many, a life-changing experience. 

Why It Matters 

"Many kids don't even know what an architect is, don't think about how buildings are built, don't know about planning or development.  I know I didn't and I was an educated kid.  You have kids growing up in communities where people don't even work let alone as architects.  That's where you come in" - Michelle Obama asking architects to make an impact wherever they could, AIA 2017

To effect real change for the future of our built environment we need to invest in tomorrow's professionals. Investing in the financially disadvantaged is good practice. It creates better environmental stewards who will share their raised awareness with their home communities. 

Who Qualifies?

Students, ages 16 to 19, demonstrating financial need and merit. 

Who Selects the Scholarship Recipients?

CFSU Board of Directors

Where Does the Money Go?

Only to the CFSU CIAO Scholarship Fund bank account



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Julie Green

Gail, Thanks for the personal letter asking for support. I knew you had something about architecture going on in Italy but now that I've seen the website, I have become impressed! Good Luck! love, Julie

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Wagdy Anis

Good luck, Gail!

for "Future Sustainability Professionals"
Stephen Cassell
donna p duerk

Glad this is a going concern! Much luck with the future classes.

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Great idea! Miss you guys.

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