2024 INADR-ODR Africa Online Mediation Tournament


By registering for this tournament, all participants agree:

     1. Not to use the tournament format or any documents created by INADR without permission of INADR;

     2. Not to record, by any means, any mediation session or training without our express consent;

     3. That INADR has the right to use any photos and/or videos of them taken at the tournament.



You may only use certain credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) when paying the registration fee. This site does not accept ApplePay. If the site does not accept your method of payment, you can send a wire transfer to our bank using the following information. If you do a wire transfer, please send confirmation of the transfer to: [email protected].

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Beneficiary Bank:     Chase Bank

Bank Name:               Chase Bank

Address:                     421 Lincoln Street

                                     Hingham, MA 02043

ABA:                            021000021    

Swift Code:                CHASUS33


Beneficiary:                International Academy of Dispute Resolution

Name:                          International Academy of Dispute Resolution

Address:                      9510 Turnberry Trail

                                      Lakewood, IL 60014 USA

Account #:                  525567312


Remittance Information

Reference:                  2024 INADR/ODR Africa Online Mediation Tournament Registration Fee 


For additional information or help, contact us at [email protected].



2024 INADR/ODR Africa Online Mediation Tournament

When: May 16-18


    This tournament is open only to teams located in Africa. The tournament will be held online over Zoom. Registered participants will be notified by email of the necessary URLs for the trainings and competitions. Some trainings will be held in the weeks before the competition. 

African Team of Three and Coach

Max Per Order:3
Ending 04-20-2024 @ 12 am EST

Individual Participant

An individual participant might be a fourth team member who is there in case a team member gets sick or an individual who wants to attend the trainings and be available to be added to a team that loses a member or doesn't have enough members. Sometimes, we might need to create a "Bye" team composed of such extra individuals if for some reason we do not have an even number of teams.

2 Available
Max Per Order:2
Ending 04-20-2024 @ 12 am EST


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