Are you ready to embark on a cinematic journey that transcends boundaries and ignites your passion for storytelling? We are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you for the upcoming Triborough Film Festival, where the magic of film comes to life!

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Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling with our carefully curated selection of 30 films that promise to captivate, inspire, and entertain. From gripping dramas to thought-provoking documentaries, each screening is a unique experience that showcases the diverse perspectives and creative brilliance of filmmakers from around the five boroughs!

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 **Discover Hidden Gems:**

Be among the first to witness breakthrough films and emerging talent that could be the next big thing in cinema.

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Q&A sessions after each screening offer a chance to connect with the creative minds behind the films, providing insights into their artistic process.

**Cinematic Variety:**

Our lineup spans genres, ensuring there's something for every film enthusiast, from indie darlings to compelling international narratives.

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January 27th 2024

Zukor Theatre at Kaufman Astoria Studios


February 3rd 2024

The LIC Culture Lab

February 10th 2024

The Astor Award Ceremony

Chian Federation Building in Astoria

2:00 pm Community Engagement 

Includes Vendors & Entertainment

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Prepare to be transported into the world of storytelling, where each frame tells a unique tale. We look forward to welcoming you to the Triborough Film Festival and sharing the magic of cinema together.

Block A

11:05 AM


The Book of Days

( 42 minutes )

In a neighborhood where everything around him is changing, one man's life remains stagnant. 

A documentary by Ian Phillips, filmed over the course of 16 years.



Lunch with Leslie

( 26 minutes )

While at lunch on a park bench, a talkative woman strikes up a conversation with a studying man. 

They chat nicely until their friendly meeting suddenly takes a dark and comic turn.

A Story Without An Ending

( 6 minutes )

Block B

12:30 PM


While Mortals Sleep

( 7 minutes )

What do angels do at night? And why did God create the world? 

Not the Same Clarence

( 14 minutes )

A man must come to terms with his fathers Alzheimer's disease.

Army Men

( 39 minutes )

A story of friendship, loss, and regret. A Miami based songwriter returns to the tough battlefield

of his childhood neighborhood in Queens, New York, only to be haunted by the memories of his late best friend.

Block C

2:00 PM

Picnic Panic !

( 4 minutes )
Two park goers compete over the best picnic spot.

The Kong Show on TV !

( 20 minutes )

A hilarious show within-a-show "The Kong Show on TV!"

comedy variety show features amazing performers from New York City.

Be Nice to Fish !

( 14 minutes )

Two roommates fight about whether they should let the pizza delivery man use their bathroom,

and the ethics of enjoying anchovy pizza in front of their new pet goldfish.

Low Risk Spectre

( 15 minutes )

After Rob and Katie move into a new home for a total steal, they discover the catch: 

the ghost of an annoying teenage girl who died in the house years ago and never left.

Events at Hemlock Manor

( 14 minutes )

Hemlock Manor is not only a year-round haunted house with a terrible business model, it’s also a home.

The Rushing Of The Sea

( 10 minutes )

A sensory meditation on the inexplicable ways grief moves through us as we move through it.

Star Crossed 

( 15 minutes )

While mourning the loss of her family, a woman battling her inner demons wins the Mega Millions.

Block D

4:00 PM

I'm Not Nice

( 17 minutes )

When an anti-social superspy misses her target on a hit-gone-wrong,

she must face her greatest fear in order to complete her mission: small talk.

Snail Mail

( 7 minutes )

Clara is tired of getting mail, but her mail carrier is very dedicated to the job. Let the battle begin!


(13 minutes)

When Bill discovers that he has a humiliating illness, he must come to terms with who he is

and be honest with the girl he loves in order to salvage his relationship and his sanity.

I'm not lost

(11 minutes)

Lyndsay can’t find her way without her smartphone. Maybe some strangers on the streets of NYC can help?


( 15 minutes )

A Republican client and a Progressive Democrat from a Uber car driver who hate each other but who are forced to stay together in the middle of the night in New Jersey because the car brutally stopped and they have to fix it together.

The Expected Guest

( 27 minutes )

The Golden State Killer " Frank" breaks into the house of Dylan and his wife. But what Frank wasn't expecting was Dylan waiting for him. Now the tables have turned and what once was something nefarious turns into something else.

Block E

6:00 PM

Two Wrongs

( 9 minutes )

In an effort to prove to his son that he’s a “real man,” a middle-aged father picks a fight with a group of high school students.


( 10 minutes )

Two roommates engaged in a bizarre high stakes game try to keep things under control when one of them invites a woman over to their apartment.

As the Cookie Crumbles

( 36 minutes )

Through the darkness of their shared grief, however, the heartbroken man and the grief-stricken widow

find grace and the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel.


( 12 minutes )

When Bobbi brings her longtime girlfriend, Lily, to her mother’s funeral, her sister Joanne is horrified. 

Trail of the Sphinx 

( 5 minutes )

The music is a blend of cultural sensibilities, modern and ancient motifs; electronic and acoustic instrumentation

When You Are Ready

( 8 minutes )

A Bengali medical interpreter is caught between two worlds as a young doctor tries to help a victim of domestic violence.


( 18 minutes )

Jane Chen, a 45-year-old violinist in NYC, faces challenges in her quest for professional success

Block F

8:00 PM

Love Letters for the Subway

( 2 minutes )

 Against the backdrop of moving trains and the city's dynamic scenery, "Love Letters for the Subway" unfolds as a celebration of community, creativity, and the love that binds us to the beating heart of New York.


( 3 minutes )

An autobiographical stop animation.

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