The more love we Give
The more love we Gain

This is the core truth behind everything that we do at Aaron's Presents with youth. We believe that this is a key to a fulfilling life, and that love is the only true agent of change in the world. Since 2013, we have given over 2,500 kids an opportunity to experience and feel this for themselves, through bringing help and joy to real people in the real world. We have also continued our mentoring and created numerous opportunities for many of our Alumni who are now teens and young adults. Through it all, the thing that powers everything we do remains unconditional love.

Thank you for your generous investment in their love for others that we know can change the world!

Leah Okimoto and the entire AP Team

(12 Mentors, CFO, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board)

Ways to give:

Facebook: @aaronspresentsgrants
Venmo: @aarons-presents

[email protected]


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