Virtual Reading Initiative

Become a Virtual Reading Hero for Young Students (K-5)

Imagine being the beacon of inspiration for young minds! Our Virtual Reading Initiative invites you to step into the role of a virtual reader, sharing the magic of books with K-5 students who have been yearning for meaningful interactions with literature. Here's why your participation is so crucial:

Purposeful Reading: As a virtual reader, you have the opportunity to transport young students into the enchanting world of literature. Your engaging readings can foster a lifelong love for books, ignite imaginations, and boost their literacy skills.

The Impact of COVID-19: The pandemic has disrupted the traditional classroom experience, leaving many young students without the joy of in-person library visits and storytime sessions. Now, more than ever, they need access to engaging stories and the warm presence of reading mentors.

Open Books for All: We've curated a collection of open books from the public registry—books that are free to be shared and cherished. By volunteering as a virtual reader, you're ensuring these stories find their way into eager young hearts.

Your Role as a Virtual Reader: Simply put, you become a virtual hero. Through video recordings, you'll bring stories to life, infusing them with your passion and enthusiasm. Your readings will be a source of comfort, inspiration, and education for children who may be missing out on these vital experiences.

How to Volunteer: Becoming a virtual reader is easy and fulfilling. Click the "Volunteer Now" button below to sign up, and we'll guide you through the simple process. You'll have the flexibility to record readings at your convenience, making it a rewarding and accessible way to make a difference.

Join our Virtual Reading Initiative and help us bridge the gap for young students during these challenging times. Become a virtual reader and make a lasting impact on a child's reading journey. Together, we can light up their world with the magic of books!


Volunteer Reader

As a Virtual Reader, your role is to become a literary guide and storyteller, bringing the magic of books to young students in the K-5 system. You will select captivating books from our public registry, ensuring they are engaging and age-appropriate. Using your expressive voice and creative storytelling skills, you'll record readings of these books, infusing them with enthusiasm and charm. Your recordings will be shared with eager young minds, offering them a connection to the world of literature that may be missing due to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Through your virtual sessions, you'll inspire a love for reading, boost literacy skills, and provide children with a sense of comfort and normalcy in these trying times. Your contributions as a Virtual Reader will genuinely make a difference in the lives of young learners, opening doors to imagination, knowledge, and a brighter future.

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