Restorative Justice Training 101 for Educators

Restorative Justice 101 Training Description

Nov 17

Training Dates:

  • 1-Day Option- Friday, November 17 2023
  • 2-Day Option- Friday, November 17 AND January 2024 (TBC)

Location: 2211 College View Drive, Redding • Simpson University, Humphries-Collard (HC) Room.

Fee Options:

  • $169 for 1-day training option
  • $300 for 2-day training option
  • $365 for 2-day training with 15 hours of CEU credits

Audience: Designed for teachers, social workers, administrators and para educators, or those who want to refresh or update their knowledge of Restorative Justice Practices.

About the Presenter:

Since 2011, Jackie Durant has been the director of HOPE City Redding, a non-profit organization that implements restorative justice programs in public schools, probation and higher education settings in Northern California. As a Restorative Justice Practitioner, she believes that unresolved trauma and conflict can result in further injustices; whereas restorative justice brings healing and restoration for all. Even though Jackie primarily works in community settings, she has a contagious passion for seeing people healed of their trauma and injustices through restorative justice practices. 

1) One-Day, in-person training option $169 per person:

Restorative Justice Practices (RJP) creates a school culture that brings honor to all and empowers students to take responsibility in solving problems and managing healthy relationships by building stronger, safer, and more inclusive campus communities.


This interactive training will cover:

  • The Restorative Justice Philosophy and how it differs from traditional classroom management methods.
  • Informal processes to both prevent relationship-damaging incidents from happening and methods of resolving them if they do.
  • Relationship-building techniques by applying affective language - a communication style that promotes a culture of honor and empathy.
  • Classroom Circles that build classroom communities.
  • Restorative Chats that are scripted questions to repair harm
  • Implement Restorative campuses and classrooms that effectively build and maintain healthy relationships through social and emotional literacy as well as repair relationships when harm occurs.
  • Creatively help students problem solve effectively with decreased occurrences of misbehavior.

2) Two-day, in-person workshop option $300 per person (or $365 with optional CEU credits):

This interactive training will cover:

  • Re-entry strategies for students who have been removed from school
  • Formal Conference Facilitation for more serious cases or issues
  • Group Conferencing
  • Healing Circle Facilitation

We look forward to seeing you there!

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