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We believe prayer makes a positive difference in the children’s lives.

We also believe it cultivates action! 

We appreciate you becoming a prayer volunteer!

The Prayer Initiative is made possible by our dedicated volunteers and loyal sponsors. 

We thank our yearly sponsors for covering printing and postage costs for the prayer initiative. Additional supplies, data management, volunteer recruitment, and volunteer engagement costs Cultivating Families over $10.00 per packet.

If you would like to help cover costs or volunteer to help with the prayer initiative, please scroll down to "Volunteer" and "Make a Donation" beside the registration icon. There are many options for supporting the prayer initiative.

·    Make a one-time donation.


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Become a volunteer – I would like to learn more about:

            o   Volunteering as needed for tasks such as packet preparation and other activities related to the prayer initiative, such as prayer flag events, children’s prayer activities, or other various tasks.

            o   Volunteering to help with social media for the prayer initiative.

            o   Volunteering to write articles or updates about the prayer initiative.

            o   I'm All In! I'd like to learn more about the Champion Prayer Initiative Volunteer role. 

Your generous donation ensures that Cultivating Families can continue to offer this prayer initiative and many more awareness and educational programs that make a difference in the lives of families and children impacted by foster care. Your support enables us to equip individuals and congregations of faith to help all children feel worthy, welcomed, and belong in a community where they can grow in hope together.

Cultivating Families is a 501(c)(3) exempt-status nonprofit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.


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