Let’s Build a Network to Change Trans Lives

Can you imagine a world where trans people feel like they belong?

We can—and we need your help to make this a reality. We are trans folks providing free peer counseling to trans and nonbinary folks across the US. We are changing the trans experience one person at a time. 

With anti-trans hostility on the rise across the US, many trans folks are feeling isolated and scared. We can’t shift the climate of hatred and bigotry against trans folks overnight—but we can make sure that trans folks feel connected and supported when they need it the most. 

We’ve supported over 200 trans and nonbinary people this year through our network of peer counseling services and support groups. Your contribution makes you part of this network of support, too.

How Your Donation Helps

Your gift helps a trans person access our free peer counseling services. Our Gender Advocates are peer counselors who provide compassionate listening and affirming resources—perhaps most importantly, they help their trans peers feel less alone. ​

Your gift of $25 connects one trans or nonbinary person to our free peer counseling.

Your gift of $50 facilitates 3 months of an ongoing peer support group for a group of trans and nonbinary people.

Your gift of $100 connects 4 trans or nonbinary people to our free peer counseling.

Your gift of $200 provides 20 hours of comprehensive training to one new Gender Advocate volunteer.

Your gift of $1000 connects 40 trans or non-binary people to our free peer counseling.

Our Impact

TACT was founded just two years ago in 2021—and we’re growing rapidly. We want to double our impact on the trans community in the coming year. Your gift makes that growth possible.

In this past year, we are proud to have:

  • Served over 200 trans and nonbinary individuals  through our network of peer counseling services and support groups
  • Facilitated over 120 sessions of individual peer counseling
  • Facilitated over 80 hours of peer support groups
  • Trained a cohort of 10 new Gender Advocate volunteers
  • Welcomed 2 new staff members and expanded our network across the US with staff, volunteers, and peer clients from over 28 states

Your continued support will allow us to expand our services, hire and train talented staff and volunteers, and continue to provide our life-changing services to trans and nonbinary folks across the US. 

Why We Need Your Support

Did you know that transgender funding accounts for less than 7 percent of the funding awarded to LGBTQ issues in general?

This means that your gift makes a huge impact. We rely on generous donations from individual supporters like you to continue providing free, lifesaving services to our trans peers. 

Grassroots, trans-led organizations are vastly underfunded by grantmaking organizations. In fact, “For every $100 awarded by US foundations, only 4 cents focuses on trans communities.” (Funders for LGBTQ Issues). This is why we need a network of dedicated supporters like you. 

Your contribution can inspire hope and change lives—by donating, you can ensure that we are there for trans and nonbinary folks when they need it most. 

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