G2G A Resurgence in 2024



The Grand to Grand has become a staple event every Sept. The team will be returning for its 7th consecutive year. In 2024, it is absolutely imperative that JAR of Hope returns to the Grand to Grand Ultra. This race continues to help drive the necessary funds for research.

The tears we shed should not be in vain, for the stark truth is that children are still dying from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It is a reality we cannot ignore, and our hearts ache with the knowledge that time is of the essence. Every step we take, every drop of sweat shed in this grueling race, carries the weight of a child's life. The urgency is real, and the need to be relentless in our fight for a cure is more vital than ever. We return, not just for the challenge, but for the children who deserve a future filled with hope, not despair. The tears we shed must be tears of determination, as we run, weep, and persist until the day we can celebrate the victory over this cruel disease. Our mission is clear: we run for those who cannot, to end the suffering and ensure that no more tears are shed in vain.

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