A little HOPE gives a lot of help!

This holiday season, we are thrilled to announce our "HOPEFUL HOLIDAYS Giving Card Drive" campaign – an initiative focused on fostering inclusivity and joy for families and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our drive is about more than just gift-giving; it's about empowering choice, enhancing independence, and ensuring everyone in our community feels the warmth and excitement of the holidays.

We understand that the needs and preferences of every family and individual are unique, especially within the disability community. By contributing to our gift card drive, you are providing the means for them to select something that truly resonates with their interests and necessities. Whether it's a cozy meal, a new book, a toy for a child, or essentials that bring comfort, your donation puts the decision in their hands, making the holidays a more personalized and dignified experience.

A little HELP gives a lot of HOPE!

Your generous contributions to our  "HOPEFUL HOLIDAYS Giving Card Drive" campaign have made a tangible impact on the lives of families and individuals with disabilities. Here is how every dollar you donated has been utilized to bring joy and support to those we serve:

$10-$25 Donation: These cards have been distributed to individuals, allowing them to purchase necessities or small comforts, from warm winter socks to a favorite snack. These are often used at local grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience shops, promoting autonomy and choice.

$26-$50 Donation: These contributions have helped cover more significant needs, such as warm clothing, household supplies, or a special meal for the holidays. The cards have been allocated to various department stores, supermarkets, and specialty shops that cater to diverse needs.

$51-$100 Donation: Larger denomination cards have provided families and individuals with the ability to purchase multiple items or cover a significant part of their holiday shopping. They have been used for clothing, special holiday gifts for children, or to stock up on groceries for a festive feast.

$101 and Above: The most substantial gift cards have been reserved for families and individuals with the greatest need, allowing them to fulfill essential requirements such as purchasing winter coats, paying for utilities, or other important immediate needs.

Every gift card will be given with the intent to not only meet basic needs but also to give the gift of joy, dignity, and HOPE during the holiday season. The freedom to choose is a powerful gift, and your donations have directly facilitated this.

Additionally, your support has fostered community engagement by supporting local businesses where the gift cards are redeemed. This holistic approach ensures that the benefits of your donation extend beyond the immediate recipient, touching the broader community in a positive manner.

Gift Card donations can also be directly mailed to: JUSTin HOPE Foundation (1301 Cordone Ave, Ste LL60, Reno, NV 89502).

Thank you for your kindness and for believing in the power of giving. Your contribution has not only fulfilled immediate needs but has also planted seeds of hope and joy that will continue to grow well beyond this holiday season.

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