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Establishing pollinator habitats with Tennessee Environmental Council!

We invite YOU to carve out a small piece of your property to establish a pollinator garden that attracts, feeds, and nurtures pollinating wildlife!

Join Tennessee Environmental Council in creating thousands of square feet of NEW pollinator habitat!

Populations of many pollinator species like bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, and hummingbirds have been negatively impacted by urbanization, habitat loss, use of pesticides, herbicides and diseases. These creatures are experiencing a drastically different world compared to just a few decades ago.

  1. To get started, review our Generate Some Buzz website, program guide and video.
  2. Sign up by choosing "Register + Get Supplies" or "Register Without Supplies" above. See seed mix details below. 
  3. Join our Facebook group and share your pollinator garden progress. Post photos of your pollinator garden so we can admire your work! 
  4. Report your total square footage of pollinator habitat created through our periodic check-ins/reminders.
  5. Revisit "Register + Get Supplies" to get one of our recycled aluminum garden signs!

We thank our Program partners, NRCS & TVA, for supporting the Generate Some Buzz Program! 


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