Express Donation

The venture of serving on the mission field requires strong partnerships to sustainably reach far and wide with the Gospel of Jesus. We are blessed to count on 14 (and growing) missionary associates working among the tribal groups of Colombia. A missionary associate is a national Gospel worker who may, or may not, be affiliated with another mission agency who: 1) adheres to Biblical doctrine, our statement of faith, and is in agreement with our mission, vision, and core values, and 2) is willing to work with others of like-mind regardless of denominational affiliation, mutually submitting in accountability, encouragement, and support (as much as possible without neglecting their own responsibilities), in order to complete the work of the Kingdom for the glory of Jesus alone. 

Our current share amount to encourage these 14 on-the-ground partners is $5400 per month. These funds are combined with others raised among their own churches, friends and families to help them focus on the tasks for evangelism, discipleship, and training leaders.

You can make a general donation of any amount, which will be distributed among the needs of the field, or you can support a specific missionary family by choosing Support a Missionary and then selecting the family you want to support and the amount of your donation.

If you want to make recurrent donations to a specific missionary family please select Make a Donation and leave us a note at the checkout with the name of the family to whom you want your support to go on a recurrent basis.