Traditional Yoruba Indigo & Fiber

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Instructor: Gasali Adeyemo

2-Day Workshop, June 22 (10am-4pm) + June 23rd (9am-11am)

Indigo is the color of love. It has been used as a dye in Africa for many generations. The Yoruba name for indigo is elu, it is the traditional dye used in the Yoruba tribe. In this workshop learn from master craftsman Gasali Adeyemo how to prepare an indigo vat. Also learn the importance and history behind deep blue indigo in the Yoruba culture; indigo unites the world!

Instructor Bio: My name is Gasali Adeyemo. I am the third born of five from the small village, Ofatedo, located in Nigeria. My mother was my first and most important teacher in learning the traditional arts of the Yoruba Tribe. In 1990 I attended the Nike Center for Arts and Culture, where I remained for a total of six years studying traditional Yoruba batik, adire eleko, tie-dye and indigo. Eventually the opportunity to exhibit my work and travel outside of Nigeria presented itself. This experience opened the door to greater opportunities and I have since been traveling the world conducting workshops and exhibitions. My recent workshops include Aya Fiber Studio, Mendocino Art Center, and John Campbell Folk School. In the future, I plan to continue to travel worldwide, sharing the arts and culture of the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

Traditional Yoruba Indigo & Fiber

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