In October 2022, H.E.A.L Inc. received news from our partner that the land and campus upon which our adopted orphanage is located in Liberia, West Africa, will be sold. The news was devastating, as the facility is home to 30 orphans, many of whom have already had the most harrowing of life experiences.

The campus is also a core part of the community. Not only do many of the community children attend school there, but the community also takes advantage of the safe drinking water that is available on the campus, and our healthcare outreach. To stop further displacements of innocent children who have endured more than the average adult would in their lifetime, we started on a journey to safe our children. Through the generosity of our partners and supporters, we were able to purchase the property in January 2023. We are proud to say that the children now has a permanent home. Now that we have full responsibility of the campus, our work to provide a conducive living environment for our children has just begun. 

We cannot provide for our children without your support. To accomplish our goal, we are on a journey to raise $100,000. The funds will be used to secure the campus, renovate the buildings, provide off grid electricity (Solar Panel) and start agricultural projects (Livestock, mini-farm, and Poultry). The projects will provide food and income to subsidize our efforts. Thanks to our dynamic "HEALers."  who celebrated our 10th Year Anniversary with us at our recent gala, we have raised sixteen percent of our goal. We need your your support to help us provide a sustainable means to advance the social and economic well being of these children. We appreciate your support and involvement in the enrichment of our children, and we hope you are able to contribute.

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