Surface Design Sgraffito Workshop Winter24

Ready to make your pots stand out from the crowd and look distinctly yours? Come explore a variety of greenware surface design techniques with ceramic artist Laurel Blackthorne! We’ll have some fun and dig into how surface design is a great avenue for self-expression when finishing your ceramic work.

In this workshop Laurel will guide you through sgraffito, a decorating pottery technique produced by applying layers of color to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layers to create contrasting images, patterns and texture and reveal the clay color underneath. Laurel will be available to answer questions and assist as you experiment with the techniques on five pre-made 6-inch circle tiles. Students are welcome to bring their own leather hard greenware or bisque for further experimentation.

This workshop is designed for folks who have at least introductory experience with clay, either hand building or wheel throwing, and want to expand their toolbox of decorative techniques. 

Provided tiles will be bisque fired by LeMoyne and available for pick up three weeks after the workshop.


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