As the season of giving approaches, we at Stella Maris, dedicated to the conservation and study of sea turtles and environmental stewardship, are excited to invite you to join us in celebrating Giving Tuesday!

Your support has been instrumental in empowering our mission to protect marine life, provide enriching youth summer camps, homeschool classes, and cutting-edge science labs. This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to continue making a meaningful impact on our vital initiatives.

Your generosity directly contributes to:

  • Sea Turtle Conservation: Your donations go towards crucial research efforts, habitat preservation, and outreach programs to ensure the survival of endangered species and wild spaces. 
  • Youth Summer Camps: Your support enables us to offer immersive and educational summer camps where young minds discover the wonders of marine life, fostering a deep appreciation for our oceans.
  • Homeschool Classes: With your help, we provide tailored educational classes for homeschool students, nurturing a passion for environmental science and conservation and closing the gap in STEM education through project-based Learning (PBL). 
  • Science Labs: Your contributions fuel our intriguing labs, empowering scientists, citizen scientists and researchers to conduct studies and outreach essential for understanding and protecting marine ecosystems.

Did you know we offered over 50 youth scholarships to summer campers who were either in homeless shelters, under the care of a homeless children’s foundation, or in the juvenile justice system?

We are also proud to partner with Black in Marine Science (BIMS) a local organization committed to celebrate black scientists. Our partnership is aimed to bridge the chasm in science education present in underserved communities. 

We could not be happier with the support we have received and are grateful to be a recipient of your generosity. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a significant difference in advancing our efforts and inspiring future generations to cherish our natural world. We need your support this coming season to fuel our sea turtle research efforts in performing hatchling orientation indexing and to expand the progress we have made in our youth programs. 

Join us this Giving Tuesday by donating your time, treasure, or talent and be a part of our journey toward a sustainable and thriving planet.