During this charitable time of year,

many philanthropic organizations and individuals look for ways to support the local community. As an environmental nonprofit, Plastic Ocean Project: 

  • Promotes the reduction of single use plastics and improved waste management
  • Offers research opportunities for college and high school students
  • Provides community events centered around education, debris removal, the arts

 And much MORE. 

Our research team collaborates with other nonprofit organizations, businesses, university professors and individuals to answer scientific questions revolving around microplastics in water, sediment, and animal digestive tracts. Throughout the 2023 calendar year, POP has worked with 50+ students in our research lab to: 

  • Complete internships in an actual working lab
  • Fulfill UNCW student’s work study requirements
  • Obtain UNCW credit hours through our marine debris course
  • Gain experience as volunteers

At the beginning of the summer, an unforeseen power surge caused extensive damage to our micro-FTIR. This very expensive piece of equipment is vital to the work we do. Without this instrument, our research lab is unable to complete the analysis of any of our projects. This has led to delays in deadlines, the loss of potential research contracts, and the reduction in student learning. The process of getting our instrument up and running again has been daunting but with the perseverance of our dedicated leader, Bonnie Monteleone, and the help of our ThermoFisher technician, we are making progress. The biggest challenge is now how to pay for these very specialized parts and repairs and face the reality that this piece of equipment may have to be fully replaced. ​

Our nonprofit has and continues to operate through the generosity of people like you. Please help us ease this burden this GivingTuesday and donate or become a sponsor of our work. Your name/business will be added to our website as an acknowledgement of your support and you will be provided with a personal tax deductible thank you letter via email and as of 11/28, a local donor is matching up to $5000 for donations made on GivingTuesday. All kinds of win-wins because of people like you.

With an ocean of gratitude,

Bonnie Monteleone, Executive Director 

Emily Mulvihill, Education and Events

Lisa Andrèe, Communications and Fundraising

Kayla West, Scientific Research

and the rest of the POP Team! 

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