On this Giving Tuesday, we are so grateful you are choosing to help us raise awareness about Inclusion in the workplace!

Meaningful work has significant benefits for all working age adults, including people with disabilities.  These benefits all contribute to the diversity of our workforce and the enrichment of our community.   According to the Department of Labor (2021) the unemployment rate in Ohio among disabled workers was 64.8% as compared to 17.4% of those without disabilities.

The majority of our Trainees being served at Whole Latte Love Cafe' have never experienced working in the community before.   

We need your help to change these statistics!  

By donating today, you are contributing to the necessary operating funds needed to continue supporting our training program.    We offer a meaningful career through four paid entry level positions within a local coffee shop.  Our primary focus is addressing work-readiness expectations, self-determination and greater independence.  Each trainee is empowered to develop their own employment-related goals, while receiving direct supervision in the café, the kitchen and/or in the community through volunteer opportunities and career explorations.    

Together we can make a difference.