Join us this Giving Tuesday by making a donation to our Wheels for Work Car Grant! 

Our one-of-a-kind program sets our resettlement services apart from any other in the nation, and is only possible with generous donations to the grant, or by donating your vehicles

We believe that our Wheels for Work program is one of the primary reasons why our SIV refugee families are so successful. Each family must volunteer  at least 100 hours back to our community, and help in-coming SIV families. They must be working, or have the promise of employment.

According to an Urban Institute study, families with cars are more likely to find a job and four times as likely to stay employed. Unreliable transportation is one of the primary reasons why low income people and refugees lose their jobs, or have trouble finding employment.

A nation-wide survey of people on DSS who received cars from a non-profit group called Ways to Work found that 72% reported an increase in income. Of those who were on public assistance when they received a car, 87% were no longer receiving it after two years.

In our own local 2019 study, we found that in just one month our Wheels for Work Car Grant saved Monroe County $23,753.

Together we can ensure that our Afghan wartime allies have a solid resettlement foundation, enabling them to better enrich our communities with their skills and experience.