Spencer Thorsland
Brandon SD, Age

We chose Spencer to be our story for giving Tuesday a few months back. We wanted to share his long journey and how his amazing spirit and strength has inspired us and those who love and know him. His family share a deep faith and leans on our Lord for enduring Hope, which has helped them embrace Gods loving hands supporting them. Our hearts were greatly saddened by the recent news in mid November, that Spencer’s earthly journey will soon be done, but he says he is looking forward to the peace and beauty and no pain waiting in God’s home. God Bless this family and keep them in your hearts and prayers as we can all walk this last journey alongside this amazing young man and his family.

Lori, his mother, said this about support from Game Plan 4 Hope, “You can share the journey of childhood cancer and the amazing impact you have made, bringing a piece of joy to the kiddos and the mamas too. All the things in the care packages brought smiles and excitement. Thank you for what you have created. A legacy to keep hope growing in others kiddos and families.

Diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma

In August of 2020, at age 9, Spencer was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma after finding a tumor in his abdomen. This is a rare sarcoma that affects more children than adults. After surgeries and rigorous treatment, he beat cancer and would stay in remission for seven months!


Last November, another tumor in the abdomen showed his cancer had returned. Spencer has suffered through many different surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments, tubes, transfusions, and many weeks of hospital stays at both Sanford Castle and Mayo Clinic. Just this last week, he entered hospice care after his cancer returned once again. He has embraced his end of the journey with peace, strength, and bravery. He and his family will complete his “Make a Wish” by traveling to Florida to Disney World. He has amazing strength, keeps a positive attitude, and never gives up! He does not fight alone! Spencer and his family have a very strong faith and have relied on this to see them through on this journey.

Game Plan 4 Hope: Game Plan for Hope has supported Spencer through Hope Bags and packages of his favorites and a new controller for his gaming system. We used the fundraiser money to help his family with expenses for repairs to their vehicle that broke down while he was inpatient for treatment at Mayo.