Tanzania Mission Team

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Hands on Missions will return to the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, Africa once again in 2024. Our partnership with the Ekkesia Community Church and missionary Samweli J. Chacha continues to experience growth in accordance with the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. The mission endeavor is set to occur June 19-29 and encourages men, women, and teenagers with legal guardians in attendance to participate. This mission trip will promise to have an eternal impact on the participants and the people the team engages. Individuals of all skill sets are encouraged to prayerfully consider your involvement. We are seeking skilled laborers in construction. Outlined below are the objectives of the trip (be sure to share these objectives with your potential supporters):

- Offer Christians an opportunity to visualize and participate in the Great Commission within a global outreach.
- Construct a permanent structure with local builders for the church to host weekly activities.
- Provide women's ministry near the church building site to offer encouragement and learn their roles within the home according to God's word.
- Offer childcare to children of those women attending women's conference other than infants.
- Home to home evangelism performed by teams with translators.
- Five early evening evangelism services to be held on church site under tent.
- Have fun while enjoying the culture of the African people and visiting the beauty of the region around Kilimanjaro.

Overall cost for you to go on this trip is: $3200.00

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