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Brazil offers international mission trip participants a third world country mission experience without the jet lag of traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Our team will perform mission work in the metropolitan areas of Sao Paulo. This area bolsters a population to make this area the fourth most populated region in the world. No doubt there are many who have never heard the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our missionary partner is Isaias Stroebel, who works with a network of multiple churches in the region to offer teams from Hands on Missions the opportunity to impact lives with the Gospel. Men, women, college students, and teenagers with legal guardians are all encouraged to join our team on this mission endeavor.

- Offer Christians an opportunity to share their testimonies of faith to individuals with other team members before groups and scheduled in home - visits according to the Great Commission.
- Assist other team members in the planning, set up, and the facilitating of Bible Clubs in local neighborhoods.
- Help organize large youth rally on the campus of Agape Church which will include volleyball competition, 3 on 3 basketball tournament and Gospel presentation.
- Work on the campus of Agape Church. Some team members will perform clean up, repair, and create education zones within park to provide less fortunate children the opportunity to learn valuable life skills for the workplace after they finish school.
- Visit Campos do Jordão

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