Soulful & Serene

A Mini Retreat for BIPOC Caregivers and Educators

March 30 9:30 am - 12:30 pm at Brain Body Recess. Many thanks to Brain Body Recess for donating their beautiful space for this event.

Join our community for a morning of connection, renewal, and embracing the vibrant energy of Spring. This will be a rejuvenating offering of mindfulness, movement, creative expression and ending with a serene sound bath.

Fee: $0-100 sliding scale per person. A sliding scale is a way to offer people with different accessibility to wealth, stability and income to participate. Please choose a level that fits your situation. The $75 level helps cover our costs. 

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"The space for BIPoC people to just be and release"

"I really appreciated being in the presence of other BIPoC and that the retreat centered us." - past retreat participants

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