2024 SSYC Juniors Sailing Lessons

We're pleased you're signing up for SSYC Juniors Sailing Lessons!

Please read the entire Waiver included with registration. It is crucial that all parents AND students understand and agree with all aspects of the waiver!


There is a required $50 membership fee to attend SSYC Juniors lessons. This fee is added on to the lessons fees. This saves time by not having to register for both lessons and membership.

IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS (hopefully, this will make things easier):

Make sure you are signing up for the class you want!
Once you sign up, it may be difficult to switch from one session to the other and/or morning to afternoon without trading from someone in the other group!

  • First, you will need to choose the number of children for which you are registering under the "Select Quantity" drop down menu, then click "Add to Cart". From there,  click the red "Go to Cart" button.
  • You should see a preview of your order. Click "Check Out Now."
  • The very first "page" of information NEEDS to be filled out by the PARENT WHOSE CREDIT CARD INFO WILL BE USED, then click "Continue."
  • On the next page the first part is the waiver, please make sure parents and ALL Juniors are familiar and agree with the content. The waiver applies to all registrations in your cart, so you only have to sign once.
  • The following page is sailor information. You will enter information for each participant (your sailor).
  • There is a checkbox to copy information from the first registrant to subsequent ones, which makes it slightly easier if you have more than one sailor.

NOTE: Once you begin the process, you will have 20 minutes to complete registration. However when the timer reaches 2 minutes remaining, you will have the option to extend for another 20 minutes.

Thank you!