Teen Intro to Watercolor Spring 2024

    Watercolor Painting Fundamentals will be an introduction to painting with watercolors with the goal of students creating paintings they will be proud of, and gaining and understanding of techniques they can use for all artistic endeavors. In this class, students will do painting exercises and projects to gain a fundamental understanding of color theory, and how to create the illusion of light and shadow, 3-dimensional space, and texture, using watercolor techniques.

    We will begin by familiarizing ourselves with each color and creating a light to dark gradient using only water, next, will practice color mixing and create a color wheel to refer to when painting. Before attempting a painting, we will then learn about and practice watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, creating a flat wash, lifting paint, dry brushing, glazing, etc. Once students feel confident, they will try applying these techniques while following along to my guidance to create a simple painting of the same subject matter. For the final painting, I will help students choose their own subject matter where each student will utilize what they’ve learned to create their own painting they can be proud of.


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