Discover Your Wild Wisdom with Carrie O'Neill

Rediscover yourself in three magical days immersed in the Nokota® herd.

Discover Your Wild Wisdom

with Carrie O’Neill
May 24-26, 2024

Silbernagel Ranch, Linton, ND

Registration: $900

Give yourself the gift of reflection, joy, and powerful insights that will last a lifetime.

Rediscover yourself in three magical days immersed in the Nokota®  herd.


Take a deep dive into horse wisdom at the Nokota® Horse Conservancy as you immerse yourself in the daily life of the herd. 


      Tune into the beauty of nature, as you tune out the distractions of daily life


      Slip into horse time – become fully present as you explore the prairie and perhaps discover newborn Nokota® foals


      Deepen your connection to the wild wisdom of the horses and yourself


      Rediscover your unique gifts and strengths and celebrate them with the herd


There will be opportunities for stillness, observation, journaling, meditation, movement, song, energy work, and other activities inspired by the herd.  No expertise is needed, just a willingness to be fully present in the moment and enjoy the experience. 


Carrie O’Neill, award-winning author, animal communicator, and creator of Possibilities Farm (, will use her years of experience living with and learning from horses to guide you on this journey.  Carrie deeply bonded with Jackpot, a Nokota®  stallion, on a 2019 trip to the NHC.  She was not intending to bring a horse home, but after their extraordinary interaction he volunteered to join her herd, where he now teaches wild wisdom. 


Please plan to arrive Thursday afternoon/evening May 23 and to depart Monday, May 27th.  We will spend three days together at the NHC May 24 – May 26.


Please note:  Since we will be observing the herd on the prairie rather than in fenced spaces, walking to the herd will be required every day and we will spend considerable time standing.  Distance will vary based on the herd’s location but please plan to walk 2-5 miles per day (for reference, a 5-mile walk is roughly 10,000 steps).

Please note that meals and accommodations are not included.  More information will follow regarding your options.

Discover Your Wild Wisdom Nokota Workshop

Discover Your Wild Wisdom 3 Day Workshop

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