Oakhurst's Centennial

Rooted in History, Branching into the Future

Oakhurst: Rooted in History, Branching into the Future   

     Oakhurst is about to celebrate its 100th year. This historic occasion holds great significance for our community, having had its beginnings in 1923-24. Fort Worth businessmen John P. King and Henry King began developing the neighborhood through their Oakhurst Land Company, Inc. A century after the Kings first began the development, it is fascinating to compare their vision for Oakhurst with the neighborhood as it exists today.

     The neighborhood retains much of its original charm, and it is now listed as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

     The Oakhurst Neighborhood Association is organizing a series of events throughout the year to commemorate this milestone. These events will include, 100 year celebration, the unveiling of our time capsule and activities that showcase the history and culture of our neighborhood, providing a unique opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage. Your support is needed and appreciated. 

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