Contemporary Visions in Indian Classical Dance

How do artists explore new work and contemporary visions through their dance? Jayeeta Dutta (kathak) and Neha Mondal Chakravarty (bharatanatyam) are well known for their exemplary artists in deeply traditional dance forms. Yet, this show takes a twist: it is about how you can explore contemporary spaces in this art form, and each artist brings their own take on this vision:

Jayeeta Dutta performs excerpts of River flows in you, set to Western orchestral music. How does kathak come together with music built in a completely different style? You may see the age-old theme of Arjuna and Krishna, or perhaps excerpts of Alice in Wonderland in this concert, so the themes and music are the points in which "contemporary" comes into play, keeping the movements of kathak untouched.

Neha Mondal explores a different facet altogether: but uses traditional stories and ideas we are familiar with: the margam and feminine divine. But where she deviates is within the music, movements, and interpretations: how can the vocabulary and storytelling expand and change with the times? 

2 artists, 2 wildly different interpretations of the contemporary vision of Indian classical dance.

On Friday, April 19 you can see both artists TOGETHER as a 1.5 hour double bill.

On Saturday, April 20, both artists will do separate 1 hour shows

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