Construction Service Project Phase 2

Help build affordable housing apartments for those in need

Want to help build something that will change Sacramento forever and help the lives of those in need?

The Vrilakas-Groen Architecture Group who is responsible for many of the development projects in Oak Park have taken on a new innovative project to provide affordable housing in Sacramento. Recognizing the need for more affordable housing in Sacramento, the Vrilakas-Groen team has already begun construction on a 8-unit apartment complex in Downtown Sacramento. 

Given their strong connection to Oak Park, they have asked 8-10 Sac High students (open to all grade levels) to help them complete this important project!  During Phase I of the project, students learned how to paint from professionals and successfully completed the interior painting of 8 apartments. During Phase II, students will participate in the final stages of the project by assisting with the exterior landscaping and beautification of the outdoor space.   

Breakfast and lunch will be provided!

Those who successfully complete the entire project will receive 20 hours of community service, thus filling their Term 2 requirements, AND receive a $100 gift card.  


  • Must attend Sac High in grades 9-12
  • Must be available on Wednesdays after school and on Saturdays between March-April
  • Must be committed and willing to attend all days
  • Must be able to do manual labor for long periods of time (ie: gardening/landscaping)
  • Must have a professional and positive attitude
  • Nice to have but not essential to have transportation to and from Downtown (Transportation will be provided for those who need it)

Please check back soon!


This campaign has ended or is not currently active.
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