King’s Players Community Theatre and Unfettered Word Productions invites you to auditions for our upcoming production, Couples Anonymous!

Please register to audition at the link below.


Monday, March 25 6:30-9

Tuesday, March 26 6:30-9

Callbacks Thursday, March 28, 6:30-9

Performances May 31 and June 1

Location: CoVA Church, 301 S Newtown Road, Norfolk

Actors will be cast age appropriately.

The cast is small, but the opportunity to audition is NEVER a waste of time.

Go for it! 

Playwright Notes:

Couples Anonymous evolved out of an idea to write about a group counseling meeting involving a mix-match of biblical brothers – think younger brother support group, but soon I latched onto the idea of couples therapy in which the therapist was in fact the Devil. The “anonymous” concept came out of a desire to keep the cast small and to add an element of audience participation to identify who is who. The cast consists of four actors: Therapist and his assistant Lil, Man, and Woman.

All scenes unfold within the confines of “the building” which represents the universe at every point and time all at once.  Anachronisms abound, costumes and accents are representative not literal, and characters don’t get hung up on what would be unfamiliar technologies. In each session, characters and issues are ones that are presented in the biblical accounts, or may readily be inferred. The goal was not to retell familiar Bible stories, but to probe them from an altogether different point of view while being faithful to the original intent.

Though rife with comedic elements, my intent with this play is not to make light of serious matters, but to use humor and wit to slice open our hearts and get us think about things in atypical ways. From creation to new creation and many stops in between I hope you will laugh till you cry, and then cry because you love.

Richard Johnson

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