Cherokee History Symposium 2024

Join us for three days of history, music, art, food, & fun. Register now.

 The Cherokee History Symposium 2024  is presented by the CBIHP Foundation, Cherokee Nation, and BLK-FTHR. Sponsors also include the Sequoyah Research Center, Legacy Keepers R Us, Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame,  Jason Irby Innovation Foundation, & Positive Energy Church.

 This will be the inaugural year of the Cherokee History Symposium. It will be held in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at 100 N Water Ave.,           

June 21-23, 2024. This three-day symposium offers scholars, historians, authors, and museum professionals a forum to share their work with history enthusiasts. 

 Typical activities include a keynote, historical sessions, professional development sessions, exhibits, artist's booths, live music, food, & fun.   

June 21, 2024 -  5 pm to Midnight  - There will be a meet and greet with snacks & live music, also exhibits, and booths will be open from                                                                       5 pm to 11:59 pm. Live music Selbie MinnerBrock & Katie, Scarry Larry & more.

                                                        5 pm - 5:20 pm Introductions and door prizes

                                                      5:20 pm - Selbie Minner

                                                      6:00 pm - Brock & Katie 

                                                       6:40 pm - Steve Hamby

                                                      7:20 pm - Psycho Deralikts

                                                      8:30 pm -  Jam Session with local artists

June 22, 2024 - 10 am to Midnight  - This will be the main day of the symposium. Exhibits and booths will be open from 10 am to 11 pm.

                                                         10 am - The day starts with live entertainment by Larry Huitt & friends. Afterward,  the historical sessions                                                                  will start, with live musical artists for entertainment in between some sessions.

                                                         11 am - We have the keynote speaker Dr. Dan Littlefield   

                                                          Noon -  Lunch is prepared by  Cherokee Chef Justin Phillips

                                                          12:20 pm - The lunch infotainment is Dr. Harold Aldridge's "History of the Blues".

                                                          1 pm   -  Jason Irby "Trail of Tears"

                                                          2 pm  - Erin Fehr

                                                       3 pm  -  Connor Helm " live music"

                                                          4 pm  - Jennifer Frazee

                                                          5 pm  - Melissa Payne "Freedmen History"

                                                          5:30 - Bronco Carr

                                                          6 pm  - Dinner by Chef Justin Phillips

                                                                  - Acknowledgments & Awards Ty Wilson

                                                       6:20   - Pat Moss "live music"

                                                       7 pm - Cecil Gray "live music"

                                                          8 pm to midnight local artist jam session

June 23, 2024   -          11 am to 4 pm  -  Exhibits and booths will be open from 11 am to 3 pm

                                                       Noon - Traditional Cherokee Hog Fry cooked by Jared Davis

                                                       1 pm - Melissa Payne "Freedmen History"

                                                    1:30 pm - ShIron Ray "Legacy Keepers, The importance of preserving."

                                            2 pm to 4 pm - Live Gospel  Music

           Join us for three days of history, music, art, food, & fun. Register now.

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