Kids' Day on the River

Kids' Day on the River

Please note: We have reached maximum capacity for KDoR. If you register after 5/23 you will be on a Waiting List. If people cancel we will send an email to people on the waiting list on a first come-first served basis by Wednesday, June 5 from [email protected]

Our award-winning program for children and their families is fun-filled, activity packed, and completely FREE, including lunch!

Located on the banks of the beautiful Locust Fork River, KDoR gives kids hands-on experience with the river; stations for 2024:

Bob Shepard and other volunteers from the Birmingham Canoe Club – “Kayak Station” 

“Boating along the river is a great activity for all kids! Come hop in a kayak or canoe and learn all about how to paddle, be safe, and have fun on the river all while under the close supervision of local environmental educators.”

Seamus O’Brien & Dr. Glover Brown from JSU - “Alabama’s Turtle Biodiversity”

“Turtles play essential roles in the ecosystem, come learn about with turtles are important to Alabama and even get to meet a few of the species that live here!”

Kason Cole, artist - “A River of Colors” 

“The environment provides many different opportunities to create beautiful art. Join artist Kason to discover some of these opportunities and create a masterpiece to take home with you.” 

Jayme Oates, Environmental Educator - “The Water in My Cup” 

“Conserving water is not something we often think about but is quite important. Discover how much water daily tasks take, and see how hard it would be to collect this water if it did not come from a tap.” 

Valerie Castanza, Raptor Ridge Wildlife Education - “Birds of Prey” 

“Raptor Ridge Wildlife Education is an interactive outreach program focusing on the vital role raptors play in the natural world. Learn about how to protect these amazing birds, then get to meet a few of them!” 

Chris Cleveland, River Seining - ”A River of Wonder”

“Life thrives under the water in Alabama Rivers, using seine nets kids will catch many species, identify them, and learn about their importance.” 

FLFR's yearly event since the year 2000 (except during COVID). Come experience why KDOR received the 2008 BEEP Award (Best Environmental Education Program) from the Environmental Education Association of Alabama. Since 2015 we are listed as one of the activities of the Blount County Schools Summer Programs.

For important details about the event, please click to read through our FAQ's.  (or scroll to the bottom to download file)

Registration is REQUIRED to attend the event, so we can determine how much lunch we will serve, and to sign the waiver.

When you register, please enter the total number of participants including adults and children - where it says "Ticket" FREE Select Quantity. Then click "continue".

Directions to location will be sent when you register, check your email.

Expect an email from [email protected] a few days before the event.   

Please let us know if you need to cancel. 

FLFR is inclusive of all members of the community in our activities and events. 


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