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Welcome to Historic Route 9, where every step echoes the footfalls of our nation's past. Join us on a journey through time as we traverse the very path where the Revolutionary War unfolded, where the spirit of freedom clashed with the forces of tyranny. As you lace up your running shoes, prepare to immerse yourself in the rich history that lines this storied route. From quaint colonial towns to battlegrounds where heroes once stood, each mile offers a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs that shaped our nation. Whether you're a seasoned runner seeking adventure or a history enthusiast yearning to connect with the past, Historic Route 9 beckons, inviting you to run alongside the ghosts of patriots and forge your own path through history.


The first settlers were John Warne, son of one of the original proprietors of East Jersey, and John and Susannah Brown, who obtained a 1,000-acre land grant from the King of England in 1737. A section of the Township still carries the name Browntown.


Marlboro Township was the site of several skirmishes during the American Revolutionary War, especially after the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. The British frequently raided the Pleasant Valley section for food and livestock.


In 1778, the Battle of Monmouth was fought on land that is now part of Manalapan and Freehold townships. The battle was a Revolutionary War engagement that involved 30,000 British and Continental troops. On the 200th anniversary of the battle, in 1978, the state opened the 1,520 acre Monmouth Battlefield State Park.


Freehold Township was established in 1693, becoming one of the first three townships in Monmouth County. The name comes from the English legal term for fee simple property ownership. During the Revolutionary War, Freehold was a center of patriot activity. The Battle of Monmouth took place in Freehold in 1778.

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