Instructor: Deb Berkebile

Saturday, August 10th | 10am-4pm

Eco Printing is a form of natural dyeing where plant materials are bundled and use a direct contact printing method, drawing out pigments from plants to make interesting and surprising marks on protein (silk, wool) fibers which are transferred to fabric via steaming. Two for one bundling is a favorite technique. Learn how to make an iron blanket which dramatically changes and deepens the colors of the printed leaves. You will learn to make a bundle with a silk scarf using eucalyptus, oak, maple and some various leaves with high tannins. You are also encouraged to bring your own plant material to dye with, such as marigolds or cosmos.

Instructor Bio: I am an artist with an extensive background in textiles and quilt making. Recently, I have been exploring surface design and multi-media in my artwork. I am a naturalist and environmentalist at heart. My current body of work explores satellite imagery and creating ‘false-color’ artistic depictions of remote sensed satellite images (Geographical Information Systems). I create most of the fabrics I use in my design process. I use surface design techniques, hand-dyeing and painted fabric, plus digital manipulation of images printed on fabric. I enjoy the challenges of creating original artwork that combine my passions and interests.


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