Natural Dyeing Summer Intensive

Instructor: Ajdin Kulic

Tuesdays: August 6, 13, 20, 27 | 6-9pm

This 4 week summer intensive will focus on exploring the array of color that can be achieved using historically cultivated natural dyes on a variety of fibers and fabrics. Students will have the opportunity to use multiple immersion baths for layered and complex results on both cellulose (plant based, such as cotton) & protein (animal based, such as wool) fibers. The basics of extraction and storage of dyes will be covered as well as some simple resist techniques to enhance color variations. We will also discuss foraging, dyeing with kitchen scraps, and ways to ethically source dyestuffs. All materials are included. Students are welcome to bring additional potential dye material or fabrics for experimentation. 

Instructor Bio: Ajdin Kulic is a interdisciplinary textiles artist and poet. Born and raised in Akron, OH to refugee parents, shaping their worldview and art-making practice, Kulic received their B.F.A in textiles at Kent State University. Textiles serve as a medium of ritual and metaphor, helping to uncover the traumatizing intergenerational effects of the Bosnian war. Understanding these effects and how they mark life and sense of self, and healing them, has become a chief artistic undertaking. Kulic’s work is also grounded in research on the mind-body connection, trauma, nervous system health, and polyvagal theory. 

Natural Dyeing Summer Intensive

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