VIRTUAL Jacquard Weave File Design 2, November

Instructor: Cathryn Amidei 

November 12, 13, 19 | 6:30–8:30pm 

*class meets for three sessions/days, each (2) hours long

Level II explains methods and approaches for more complex files designing in Photoshop for the TC2. Class meetings are live and also recorded for review. Course includes handouts, digital demo files and feedback.

Topics covered are: Doubleweave, 3+ shuttles and simple supplementary weft constructions.

Instructor Bio: Cathryn has been studying and weaving and teaching in Jacquard technique for 15+ years. She held a faculty position at Eastern Michigan University until 2018. She is currently the director of the Digital Weaving Lab at Praxis Fiber Workshop and provides technical support to artists and Universities in North America when they purchase a loom.

VIRTUAL Jacquard Weave File Design 2, November

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