Higher Cathedral Spire Fundraising Campaign

Benefiting the Climb for Cancer Foundation

Support Dave and Jack's mission to conquer mountains and conquer cancer to support the Climb for Cancer Foundation, as they set off to discover the power within themselves to achieve the impossible by setting challenging yet realistic goals. Just like finding innovative ways to battle cancer, it starts with taking that first step.

The journey begins with Jack McNamara, a dedicated pre-med student with a passion for cancer therapy, who's ready to tackle every obstacle in his path. Together, they will start with shorter climbs, building their confidence and strength with each ascent. And soon, they'll set their sights on the towering challenge of the Higher Cathedral Spire in Yosemite, a thousand-foot testament to their determination and resilience, with their climb scheduled for May 28th-31st.

Joined by David Ostrov, a brilliant researcher pioneering novel therapies for cancer treatment, Jack is not just climbing mountains — he's scaling new heights in the fight against cancer.

Support them today and be a part of something extraordinary. Together, we can turn the impossible into reality. Climb with purpose. Climb for Cancer. 

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