Dellwood Pro-Am Sponsorship

All proceeds support River Valley Charities and its partner organizations.

Join River Valley Charities (RVC), a beacon of hope in the St. Croix Valley, at the 3rd Annual Dellwood Pro-Am on August 7th! Since 2015, RVC has raised over $600,000, with every dollar directly funding community programs that tackle food insecurity and empower individuals and families to thrive. This extraordinary event connects passionate community members with a vital cause, strengthening our community with each swing. By sponsoring the Pro-Am, you make a significant impact, reaching far beyond supporting a tournament. You invest in a future where children flourish, families gain stability, and individuals discover their full potential. RVC’s comprehensive approach does not end with providing meals. We advocate for relief, rehabilitation, and development opportunities, ensuring long-term well-being and fostering a network of support that empowers individuals and families to break the cycle of food insecurity and build a brighter, stronger tomorrow.


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