Support the mission work of Israel David Carranza

Hello, my name is Israel David Carranza. I am honored to serve as a missionary for ISKALI, a nonprofit that was created to empower and equip young Latinos like myself to become transformative leaders. I am passionate about making a difference in the life of others through evangelization, community, and service. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but I have roots from Michoacan, Mexico by my mom and Zona 3 Guatemala by my dad. They met through a nun in Chicago and settled in Pilsen. Back in the early 2000s Pilsen wasn’t the greatest place for a kid to grow up in. I remember clearly living by 18th street and not being able to play outside due to the gang violence around my neighborhood.  My parents made the decision to move to Cicero because of how unsafe Pilsen was, but to their surprise it was the exact same thing. From Mckinley to Morton East High School, I grew up in Cicero’s schooling system. I went to college in 2019 dropped out and thanks to the ISKALI scholarship I am back in school pursuing my degree. I have no degree nor am I an expert, but what I do have is this love and passion to do God’s will. My conversion story began when I was 14 years old it has not been a perfect journey, but through faith, formation, maturity, and spiritual growth I have come to know God’s love and the purpose He has put me on this earth for. Now I am striving to walk with others in this crazy journey of faith. 

As a missionary I will be dedicated to young adults in the south side of Chicago working closely with my pastor to coordinate outreach efforts and establish programs. These programs will benefit young Latino adults not only in the spiritual side, but also the professional side. Your support is crucial to the success of our mission. With your generous donations we can continue to expand our outreach efforts by providing spiritual and professional resources and make a lasting impact in our community. I invite you to join in us on our mission by donating today. Your contribution no matter the size will make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you considering supporting ISKALI’s mission, together we can make meaningful difference in the lives of others and build a stronger and more compassionate community.

Lets do great things together as St. Therese Lisieux said “In this life we cannot do great thing we can only do small things with great love”