Practice for Those Who -Mother-

-Mother - is a verb. All who mother welcome

Recognizing Mother's Day weekend, we are creating a space inclusive of all those who "mother," or "treat someone with care and/or affection." Join us, at our Spring community event as we care for ourselves and each other. Kim Armstrong will lead gentle movement and meditation for your well-being. 

Location: 3820 S. Ferdinand St, Suite 201A, Seattle WA 98118. Thank you to Brain Body Recess for donating their beautiful space for this event.

Time: Saturday, May 11, 9:30-11am

“I am so grateful to Space Between for helping me renew my focus on this life work and self-care.”  - past retreat participant.

Our sliding scale of pricing acknowledges that systems of oppression create circumstances that prevent people from affording services, classes and events. Please choose the amount to pay that works for your financial circumstances. $75 - $0 to register. 

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