Support our humanitarian efforts in Tanzania July - August 2024

In collaboration with the Nguzo Women and Youth Foundation, led by Aikande Robert Nkya and her team,

The Speak Feed Lead Project is committed to empowering youth through diverse educational, health, and sports programs

in our 2024 mission called Health | Hope | Higher Aspirations. Twenty five volunteers will be traveling to Tanzania July 29 – August 9, 2024.

Listen to one young man in Tanzania "If I was brave enough to speak..."

Our endeavor seeks to address and put into place solutions for the following challenges:

·       High dropout rates in schools exacerbated by the stigmatization surrounding adolescent girls' menstruation cycles

and widespread isolation in Tanzania

·       Increased violence among students, limited opportunities for higher education, and decreased community engagement

which creates lack of training, programs, and support.

Our initiative aims to achieve the following objectives:

·       Strengthen and enhance current training of health, environment, and sports/games clubs in 20 primary/secondary schools

in the Kilimanjaro region, facilitating effective engagement with students on health and environmental sustainability.

·       Education of 5000 primary and secondary school adolescent girls and boys on sexual reproductive health, life skills, and anti-bullying tools

through in-school programs, alongside vocational and entrepreneurship training through youth clubs and young women groups.

·       Support for the creation and distribution of hygiene kits for adolescent girls in and out of schools in the Kilimanjaro Region,

including enhancement of existing sweater weaving businesses to provide school uniforms.

·       Construction/renovation of the Nguzo Hub Building with Office Outlet and other premises,

supporting the foundation's operational needs and community impact.

·       Assistance to Tanzanian youth in developing their signature talks based on personal experiences, with recordings featured

in a documentary showcasing our philanthropic mission and sponsors' support.

The transcript of youth speeches will be added into the current #1 international best-selling book

The Parenting Owner’s Manual to gain additional attention and support for ongoing missions.


Our volunteer team comprises philanthropic professionals spanning various fields, including healthcare, education,

entrepreneurship, and youth development, eager to serve as peer educator champions for Tanzanian youth and communities.

There is a significant investment required for this endeavor and we are seeking sponsorship/support

for various aspects, including but not limited to:

1. Airline travel for volunteers to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

2. Lodging arrangements for volunteers during their stay.

3. Coordination with local authorities, including visa requirements and communication with migration offices.

4. Production of printed and promotional materials.

5. Provision of sports equipment, hygiene kits, and essential supplies for distribution.

6. Contribution of sewing machines, fabric, and notions to support local initiatives.

7. Supply of branded clothing and equipment for our team members.

We are committed to expanding our network of donors and sponsors who share our dedication

to youth empowerment and community development, offering multiple sponsorship opportunities for interested parties.

Here’s to our future - helping the youth of Tanzania 


Jackie Bailey

Founder & Executive Director

The Speak Feed Lead Project


Tanzania 2024 | Health | Hope | Higher Aspirations


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