Pickleball Tournament (3rd Annual)

For skill ratings 2.5 and higher (see description)

Get excited! The purpose of this 3rd Annual Pickleball Tournament is to give picklers an opportunity to show off skills, earn bragging rights, win great prizes, and of course have fun! Thank you in advance for participating is this funraiser! Thank you Drew Waters Allstate Insurance for sponsoring, and Chicken n Pickle for partnering!

Who can play? This tournament is for players who have a skill set of 2.5 and higher (see description of beginning ratings for reference). In other words this is not a tournament for people who have never played pickleball. This IS a tournament for those who can rally, etc. See below.

Pickleball Player Ratings:

  • 1.0 - 2.0: This is for the true beginners of the sport who have never played pickleball before. Even if it's not your first time playing, but you still consider yourself to be a true beginner who’s still learning the sport, go with this range. 
  • 2.5: This is for the players who have limited experience playing pickleball. Label yourself a 2.5 if you can keep a short rally while you play, have a basic understanding of the rules, and know how to keep score. 
  • 3.0-6.0 If you rate yourself at one of these ratings you already know these descriptions! 

There will be 2 divisions based on skill level (2.5-3.0, and 3.5+) with 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes per division)! More details to come! 

2-Person Teams, play as one of the following combinations:

  • Male & Female
  • 2 Females
  • 2 Males

To see all the fun last year click on 2023 Pickleball Tournament PHOTOS.

Be sure to have contact information for both players (name, phone, email, mailing address, and skill level).

More details will be shared after you sign up.

Thank you to our sponsor!   

Thank you partner!  

Tournament questions? Email [email protected]

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