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What is it?

For 21 days, YOU will complete as many pushups as possible in ONE minute, breaking them up as much as you need in the minute. You can challenge a friend or challenge yourself!  Whether it’s one pushup or 20+, the goal is to simply get started on a path to better physical fitness.

Why do this? 

  • To push yourself.  It’s time to try something new -- why not start simple?
  • Pushups are accessible.  They can be modified in a number of ways to get you started where you are.
  • A regular amount of physical activity has been shown to reduce your risk of chronic diseases.
  • To set an example and be a leader for fitness in your community.

To Participate:

Help us fundraise by asking friends to contribute $1 or more for every push up you complete!  Use your social media to document yourself or your progress! The goal is for Radical Fitness Ministries (RFM) to have 130 people who do 700+ push-ups in 21 days and meet their dollar per push up goal!

We will follow up with participants through their social media page and the money will be going towards the coaches salaries and development, equipment and technology used to build the RFM communities.

To keep up with the challenge and future challenges, follow us on our social media page

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** USE #RFMbenefit for ALL VIDEO and picture posts and tag your friends! 

Your 21 DAY PLAN: 

  • Assess your Push ups on day one. How many can you do in 1 Minute with PERFECT FORM?
  • Schedule in YOUR CALENDAR when you will do your 1 min of pushups!  "What doesn't get calendared, doesn't get done!" 
  • Do your push-ups with the GOAL of improving every day by one repetition! 
  • Post a 15 second to 1 min video of you doing the Push-ups with the hashtag #RFMbenefit. 
  • Be creative and do them in unexpected places, but BE SAFE!
  • Invite an accountability partner (friend) to join you. THIS IS CRITICAL! 
  • Re-assess push-ups on day 21! Go For it!! 
  • Through YOUR PERSONAL Fundraising page, reach out to your network and raise $1 or more per push-up that you perform! 
  • Pray continually, with thanksgiving for those whom we can serve and help build health in their lives! 

Prizes Will Be Won For: 

  • Most money raised
  • Most friends invited
  • Best video posted on social
  • Most push-up performed in total! 

Prizes Include: 

  • - Atlanta Falcons Tickets against Tampa Bay Buccs on Nov. 26th!  

  •                                       - Atlanta United Tickets - (IF THEY MAKE AND STAY IN PLAYOFFS!!) 
  •                    - A night stay in the W hotel and full restaurant experience. 

  •                                    - Free haircuts at Rudy's at Ponce City Market. 

  •                   - Free admission to the Ponce City Market rooftop + plus a dinner for 2 at ????


Need more motivation? 

Hershel Walker is known as one of the most best football players from University of Georgia, and one of the most fit athletes in college football history! His training consists of body weight only movements performed every day. The key ingredient is the FREQUENCY of his training. His volume or amount of work performed has increased over a long period of time. He knocks out 5000 push-ups and sit-ups EVERY DAY!!

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