2024 National Raffle

Let Betterment send you on vacation!

Betterment's Annual Vacation Raffle is back!

Enter our annual raffle for a chance to win a 1 week vacation anywhere in the world- You pick the time and the place! *

Less than 200 tickets will be sold!

Funds raised through Betterment's Annual Vacation Raffle help to replenish our Immediate Need Fund. This Fund is in place to help our recipients with an immediate need.  Click here to learn more about who we help.

*date and location subject to availability

Raffle Tickets

Purchase 1 raffle ticket for $50 or 3 raffle tickets for $100 to enter Betterment's Annual Vacation Raffle! 

*Condo must be booked and used by June 1, 2025. Condo location, time, and size are subject to availability. Not all locations/times will be available. The earlier you coordinate with Betterment, the better chance you will get your desired time and location. Airfare is not included.

3 raffle tickets

Max Per Order:10

1 raffle ticket

Max Per Order:2