Birdy Hour with Dr. Sahas Barve

What's the One Thing You Want to Ask an Ornithologist?

Dr. Sahas Barve is an ornithologist who will answer your burning questions about birds in this "ask-me-anything" format! Please send in your question when you register and we will pool the questions ahead of time to decide which ones were asked by most of the participants so Sahas can prioritize when answering. No answer is too basic or complicated, perfect for all birding levels. 

Dr. Sahas Barve is the Program Director of Avian Ecology at Archbold Biological Station in Florida. There, he oversees a 55 year-long study of threatened Florida Scrub Jays. Previously, Sahas has worked on a wide range of taxa and systems including tracking king cobras in south India, bird research in the Himalayas for his PhD from Cornell University, Acorn Woodpecker biology at Old Dominion University, and museum research at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on Himalayan and Andean birds. Sahas is broadly interested in life-history evolution of birds and enjoys communicating research with the public in new and innovative ways. Outside work, he is an avid birder, and loves to cook!    

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